The Fine Dining Experience of O’ Restaurant

Fresh, local flavours at the restaurant of O by Myconian Collection

Take a seat by the pool and prepare yourself for a mystagogical experience through tastes, aromas and the spectacular view of the brand-new O’ Restaurant at Ornos beach.

Discover a place where elegance and effortless luxury dance with the untamed beauty of Mykonos Island.

Executive Chef Marios Sakkos has crafted a menu of delicious, colourful and beautifully presented dishes that celebrate the pure flavours and textures of each carefully chosen ingredient. The result: dishes that feel both comforting and wonderfully exciting – food that you gobble up with your eyes before even reaching for the fork.

Enjoy a creative take on Mediterranean classics, infused with regional flavours. Marios has a passion for seasonal ingredients and local produce, delivered daily by the family’s time-honoured suppliers, and the fresh catch of the day has ‘its head on the plate and its tail in the sea’, as the saying goes. Additionally, the sommelier will be glad to advise on a mature selection of international wines and rare local vintages.

Don’t miss delectable dishes embracing the Aegean essence on a plate; an ode to the Cycladic tradition and way of life. The best of the day’s catch, its subtle flavours masterfully elevated with just the right touches of texture and spice, our seafood truly is an experience to savour.

So, be prepared for unexpected pleasures at this atmospheric restaurant of O’ by Myconian Collection. Under the light of the exquisite design, the new restaurant sets the scene for a memorable dinner. Everything here is a work of art. With every meal at O’ Restaurant comes a difficult decision: Dine inside or al fresco on the terrace, surrounded by lush landscaping?