Christos Drazos’ Favourite Spots on Mykonos Island.

Distilling the best of the Myconian experience into images, photographer Christos Drazos uses his camera to look into the soul of this island.

Across three decades and three continents, Christos Drazos has done his fair share of exploring luxury hotels and breathtaking destinations through his lens, and naturally, this includes Mykonos. “Faros is great to visit in the afternoon, to see the changing light,” he says when asked about his favourite spots.

Agios Sostis, with its little white churches and virgin sandy beach.

The windmills too, when the wind is blowing hard from the west and you really realise why they were built there; the view across to Little Venice in those moments, with the waves crashing into the houses, is extraordinary.

And of course, the Church of Paraportiani, with its fantastic traditional architecture that makes it look like it’s made of modelling clay. It looks different throughout the day as the light changes, and I notice something new about it every time I walk past.”