Indulge Your Love of Wine

Wine Rituals Made to Measure

Take part in a ritual to honour the art of winemaking by tasting stand-out labels – famous and niche alike, all exceptional in quality – assisted by wine experts.

This summer, you’re visiting a blessed land where winemaking has millennia of history. If you enjoy fine wine and authentic flavours, you will be remiss not to take part in a wine tasting that’s expertly curated courtesy of the Myconian Collection.

Small scale producers who love the vine and even cultivate ancient local varieties make wine on Mykonos. If you stay at the Myconian Collection properties, you also get to unlock wine tastings and rituals, exclusive tours to local vineyards and certified sommelier advice for local pairings with your food!

Enjoyed on the island since ancient times, local wine here comes from indigenous varieties such as the legendary Assyrtiko as well as international classics Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.

The Mediterranean climate of Greece creates beautiful wines, with several distinctive terroirs in the country – some famous and others well-kept secrets awaiting discovery.

Personalised to your preferences, wine tastings at the Myconian Collection are veritable journeys in the craftsmanship and art of the vine and the wine. Expert sommeliers are at your disposal as your knowledgeable guides, while wines can be paired with extraordinary cheeses and fruit from Greece and beyond. Depending on your interests, they can set up a tour of local vineyards and winemaking facilities or even an utterly elegant private wine tasting on their premises with a focus on Greek or international wines.