The Top 7 Most Instagrammable Places on Mykonos Island

Millions of visitors have visually voted with theirs photographs and selfies for that must-photograph list.

On the star-studded island of Mykonos, every visitor can have his snapshot of glory and feel like a celebrity himself, when an Instagram post or story becomes viral in its own terms. Should you be the next one, we already know you have visited these Top 7 places.

It could have been described as the lunar miracle of architecture. Maybe, this is what drives everyone to take a picture on the white asymmetrical Paraportiani church.

Little Venice is what we call the “I was here” shot. Add its colorful background and you have the first of your memorabilia to share with the world.

If you are a dramatic landscape lover, then the Armenistis cape is where you will pose with your selfie stich.

The windmills are always worth striking a pose for the famous tag of #mykonoswindmills. Even when it is heavily windy!

Thinking about “The View” shot, then you have to find yourself all the way up to the Agios Vasilis area and capture the old port from above.

For those who want to feel a speck of the former nostalgic times, Myrsini is still a pristine beach to open your camera.

Do it like a local with a reel from Rizes Folklore Farmstead and channel the traditional way of living through thousands of impressions.