What It’s Like to Return Back to the Roots on Mykonos.

Rizes folklore farmstead

A journey in time and the history of the original Mykonos back in time.

Tapping into the “rizes” [roots] of this island to give you an authentic experience of Mykonos past, this
farmstead takes you back. Traditional houses, farmland and utility spaces frame the experience: wood oven, chicken coop, olive grove, wine press – everything is functional and nothing is for show. Inspired by his father, Giannis, Nikos Zouganelis and his family chose to partake in the simpler, purer way of life of their ancestors, and share the experience with the world. They bake bread, make fresh cheese, tend to chickens and donkeys…
They also welcome visitors as dear friends, inviting them to live like a Mykonian, break bread with the family,
and get their hands dirty if they want, discovering a pure life before technology.