Mykonos through the eyes of Nikos Kazantzakis

It was the August of 1925 when the famous Greek writer and philosopher with his friends toured the Cyclades and on the 11th of this month he arrived in Mykonos. In the letter he sent to his wife, Eleni Kazantzaki, he conveyed to her his enthusiasm about this destination. “Mykonos is a miracle! If you haven’t seen Jerusalem, St. Petersburg and Mykonos, you don’t know what a beautiful city looks like!”

Mykonos is a miracle!

Having travelled thousands of kilometers, his excitement for Mykonos Town is more than profound in his writings. “Rarely have I rejoiced as deeply, as the moment I saw the small state, white as snow, with its whitewashed flat roofs, shining like a moon state, above a sea of deep blue and green”, Nikos Kazantzakis writes (Le Dissident, Kazantzakis Publications), characterizing Mykonos as a “miracle”.