Rineia Is the Epitome of Laidback Myconian Cool

An unspoilt sanctuary perfect for your next getaway from Mykonos Town's buzz.

Providing an indulgent, authentic taste of everything that this blessed land has to offer, this exclusive
tour brings together Greek culture and breathtaking natural beauty with opportunities for adventure to boot.

When Polykrates of Samos gained control of Rineia, he annexed it to Delos, linking them together
with a chain
”, says Dr Themistoklis Vakoulis, an archaeologist at the Ephorate of Antiquities of the Cyclades.
It has no streets, no cars and no permanent residents, yet the people of Mykonos cherish Rineia dearly.

Rineia is pure magic lost in time.

Parts of the island were given to Mykonos’s landless, who formed a co-op. Today, 72 locals keep cattle and farm the land while protecting it. You need special licence to stay the night and to moor, as it is a designated archaeological site under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture – as well as a living remnant of a bygone era, before the growth of tourism in the Aegean. As you approach by caique, the virgin beaches, turquoise waters and wild nature beckon, and you start to feel a unique energy – Rineia is pure magic lost in time.