Indulge into the yacht way of Myconian life!

Special Feature

Special Feature

The island’s beauty is unveiled touring with the Mykonos Yachting fleet.

No matter how high you have set your expectations, Mykonos Yachting is always a step forward exceeding every dream of discovering the cosmopolitan island and the Cyclades. Since 1994, its team has mastered both an incomparable knowledge of the field and an undeniable customer service excellence. Given that, you can count on the extended list of carefully designed tailor-made services and the 100% privately owned yacht charter fleet, to deliver a memorable experience.

From a private day cruise on Mykonos, where you can discover Dragonisi, explore the magnificent Delos & Rhenia Islands tour or delve into a unique sunset to a multi-day cruise through the Cyclades, Mykonos Yachting welcomes you aboard a one-of-a-kind yacht charter experience. It always knows how to turn a simple tour or whatever reason you have into an even greater event. Celebrate your birthday, anniversary and every special moment on a private yacht and make every moment count organizing a tailor-made cruise just for yourself.

Boasting a fleet of 9 motor yachts that vary from 77 to 36 feet, Mykonos Yachting is available 24/7 to capture the moment and offer the unparalleled Greek hospitality etiquette. Choose your favorite yacht, communicate your dream tour to the qualified crew and let the rest on their experienced hands to get the world-class treatment you deserve. Their goal is to go beyond a regular trip and share an extra level of service.

Knowledge of the field paired with excellence in customer service is what distinguishes Mykonos Yachting and the vision of its founder, Dimitris Zafeiropoulos, a certified Water Sports Trainer and owner of the “Water Action Sports School” since the early 90s, who believes that every little detail should be perfected with meticulous care.