What You Need to Know About Our ZEN Factor at the Myconian Collection

Consider Myconian Collection's spas as a destination of rejuvenation.

Whether you are seeking to sculpt your body, to relax your mind, or to make your skin glow, our Myconian Collection’s Spa centres are heavenly retreats to which you can escape, in which to be transformed and, why not, to achieve permanent results.

The island’s energy will maximise the experience, while state-of-the-art facilities will enhance the sheer pleasure of luxuriously long, nurturing sessions.

People are willing to try just about anything to regain balance, which may be why many alternative healing practices have gathered mainstream momentum this year, that not so long ago were still New Age parlance known only to a few initiates. From apitherapy (using bee sting venom to treat skin conditions) or facial contour cupping (the ancient practice of suctioning parts of skin with glass cups to stimulate tissue), to prison-like ‘fast fitness’ workouts, the trends in the wellness world reveal people’s growing need to break away from their everyday routine and repair the damage of its oftentimes relentless pace.

In the serene atmosphere of our Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts, one does not need to go to extremes to experience intense moments of self-indulgence. Just think of our spas as a destination; a world that moves to the hypnotic rhythms of rejuvenation, where the social-media overload sounds absurd and even the island’s lure of the sun and crystal blue waters lose their power in the pursuit of a heightened sense of wellness.

Treatments based on the healing principles of Greek medicine and a range of holistic therapies, including Pilates, yoga and an aquatic bodywork known as Watsu (water shiatsu) are on offer. In a seductive ambience of ultramodern facilities, experts at the forefront of their field deliver a series of exquisite sessions, which, combined with the salutary effects of the ionized sea air, saltwater and sun, will immerse you in a blissful sense of well-being.

Α world that moves to hypnotic rhythms of rejuvenation, where the social-media overload seems absurd and even the lure of the Myconian sun and crystal blue waters loses its power against the pursuit of wellness.

Spacious therapy rooms, heated indoor pools, steam baths and a hammam, as well as high-tech gyms inviting the fitness-conscious guests to work out, complete the picture. The product ranges used for the treatments include the latest by Elemis – a leading cosmetics brand in anti-ageing research – St. Barth and Kerstin Florian, all designed to awaken the senses and to restore the body’s natural balance. Let yourself be pampered with a touch of the Caribbean. A St Barth Sun Tanning Body Care treatment will intensify your tan. A Chill Out body massage with warm shells will leave you feeling completely revitalised. For deeper sensations, opt for the St Barth Softness peeling massage that uses fine Caribbean Sea sand, coconut oil and fresh papaya mousse to ensure a long-lasting, even tan. After this nourishing body wrap, let your therapist take good care of you with an intensively relaxing and soothing St Barth Freshness facial that extends to the nape of the neck, décolleté and hands.

Natural ingredients such as melon, papaya, or cucumber stimulate the skin’s natural activity and leave the face feeling fresh, revitalised and toned. The Spa Signature Ritual ends with the St Barth Harmony, a holistic and relaxing full body massage with a choice of St Barth avocado oil, St Barth pure coconut oil or St Barth relaxing oil with camphor and menthol, blended according to your skin type and personal preference.

Finally, do not miss out on a unique Thalasso programme that will take you through 3-4 therapeutic pools, each with a different temperature and salinity content, offering curative effects for joints, back problems, arthritis, osteoporosis and water retention.