Lovers of the Scuba Diving!

Are you in for water sports? Your perfect spot is right here, and we will help you to find it.

The crystal waters of Mykonos offer many opportunities for diving and snorkelling, including two shipwrecks and a rich variety of marine life.

Visibility is fantastic and sites are adapted to weather conditions and diver experience. For experienced divers, there is the option of Night Diving, NITROX-enriched air and Deep Diving Adventure and Specialities.

The highlights, among many others are: Paradise Reef at a depth of 2-30m; Paradise Point’s dramatic topography at depths ranging from 10-30m, with swim-throughs and steep drop-offs, as well as interesting ancient artefacts; the Anna II Wreck, a large cement carrier which sunk to a depth between 18-35m in July 1995 and is accessible only to divers certified to PADI Advanced Open Water; the desert island of Dragonisi, located a 40-minute boat ride to the south-east of Mykonos and which boasts spectacular rocks formations and caverns whose walls are covered with small yellow anemones, a great dive site with a depth of 3-30m for underwater photography enthusiasts. Commonly encountered marine life includes octopus, wrasse, barracuda, bream, groupers, moray eels, lobster, nudibranchs, starfish, sponges and anemones among others.