Kooreloo SS 2022 Collection – The New Fashion Arrivals We’re Excited to Shop This Season

Here we round up our favorite new items of the Kooreloo SS Collection

Kooreloo. Unique handmade women’s bags and more. Created in February 2015 by Leila Karr and Alex Krassanakis, this brand has set a trend echoing designs that incorporate traditional Greek weaving handicraft.  

Following successful careers in one of the most prominent banks, the two founders decided to pursue their love for fashion and art and create one of the major fashion brands in Greece that is now undergoing unprecedented growth.

Their philosophy has been built upon the principles of art, endless creativity, age-old tradition, uniqueness and Leila Karr’s realization that European chic style and Mediterranean culture invite an effortless, if not natural, fusion.

The magnificence of time-honored craftsmanship is enriched with the use of pure materials and handmade techniques adopted to craft unique items. Colorful pieces of textiles are woven together to reinvent tradition in a contemporary and fashionably elegant manner.

All Kooreloo creations have a secret: A powerful energy emanates from each bag. Within, a rich inner world reveals a sparkling personality. The inspiration behind this choice of lining is the dynamic, imposing posture of the statue of Goddess Athena – and the way it is manifested in the power of women in today’s world.

Every little detail on these objects of art contributes to the story its creators want to tell… from the Ancient Greece-inspired lining to the colorful embroidery that echoes Athena’s aura… An aura that transforms into something fresh, taking on new form over time… It is never permanent. It evolves; it revitalizes everything in its path; it constantly changes, as art is wont to do…

The idea of creating an object which will give other women, even by the appearance of it, an outpouring of positive emotions excites me! When I design my handbags, I get butterflies in my stomach. Remember that intense feeling when you fell in love for the first time? I want other women to feel the same about my objects of art!

says Leila Karr, the Creative Director behind the brand.

It’s a Greek success story; a brand that established itself rapidly across more than 20 mature markets, with its products presented in over 250 high-end boutiques and iconic department stores – such as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Shopbop, and Le Bon Marché, among others.