Enjoy Local Wine Tastings in Mykonos

Rituals Made to Measure!

If you enjoy fine wine and authentic flavours, you will be remiss not to take part in a wine tasting that’s expertly curated courtesy of the Myconian Collection.

Personalised to your preferences, wine tastings here are veritable journeys in the craftsmanship and art of the vine and the wine. As a guest of the Myconian Collection you could taste outstanding wines, distinct flavours and learn all about wine, traditional Greek wine culture and the unique varieties of Greece. Keep in mind that the history of vine cultivation dates as far back as ancient times.

Expert sommeliers are at your disposal as your knowledgeable guides, while wines can be paired with extraordinary cheeses and fruit from Mykonos and beyond. Depending on your interests, we can set up a tour of local vineyards and winemaking facilities giving you a taste of the local area you will be visiting.

What is more important is that during those local wine tastings, guests are welcomed as dear friends, offering an authentic Greek experience.