This Is Where We Can Find An Original Myconian Dress of the Past

Find it at Lena's House n the centre of Mykonos town, Chora.

A myconian townhouse of the 19th century, part of a larger building that belonged to the war hero-captain Nicholaos Sourmelis. and can be found in the centre of Mykonos town, Chora.

BESIDES THE Archeological Museum, there are two more museums in Chora – the Aegean Maritime Museum and the Folklore Museum of Mykonos. Lena’s House, which forms part of the Folklore Museum, is as a typical example of a 19th century middle-class house, complete with furnishings dating from that period.

Museums must make it easier for people to see clearly in all directions, to choose their path among many others in the past. At the same time, they must help them to be inspired by the beauty of a place like Chora.

The house consists of a front porch, a living room with a characteristic arched roof support, two bedrooms, as well as a smaller back yard along with a pigeon house. It is well worth a visit, as it showcases a beautiful collection of European and Greek 19th century furniture, as well as everyday items and ornaments, embroideries, mirrors, gravures and household effects, all displayed in the manner of their era. Additionally, this museum houses two copies of traditional Mykonian dress, inspired by lithographs of 17th and 18th century travellers, who happened to preserve these in colour in their memoires. These have been leased to the museum by the Folkloric-Cultural Women’s Association of Mykonos, and one of the dresses has been commissioned from the renowned scenographer and costume designer Yiannis Metzikof. The Drakopoulou family donated the house, which bears the name of its last resident, Lena Skrivanou.

Lena’s House is in the centre of Chora, at Tria Pigadia, next to the Aegean Maritime Museum.