These Traditional Takeaways Want to Bring You Mykonos’ Authentic Taste

A range of superb local recipes.

Discover exclusively Myconian products from small companies with high standards of freshness, seasonality and flavour.

Sweet or savoury, raw or cooked, local products are always high-quality. The Mykonos amygdalota (macaroons) are real petits bijoux dusted with caster sugar. You can find them at the Skaropoulos shop (now operating as ‘Matsoukas’) and the patisserie ‘Kyklamino’ – don’t forget to try the almond-based pastry called rozedes, the kalathakia (small tarts with an almond-based filling) and the skaltsounia (walnut-filled, crescent-shaped pastries). As for the island’s famous dairy products, the ‘Tyrokomeio Mykonou’, run by the Koukas family, and other important producers such as Giorgos Xenarios, supply the local supermarkets with the creamy, peppery Mykonos feta spread kopanisti (Cyclades PDO), the dried xynotyro and the tart tyrovolia.
You will find excellent pork products, such as louza (lean, air-dried tenderloin flavoured with spices and oregano) and top-quality sausages, at the three main meat producers/sellers, Madoupas, Markaras and Menagias.