Theodor Anastasato Revives Myconian Handcrafting.

Theodor Anastasato brings together traditional textile techniques and contemporary design sense and shines a spotlight on the rich creative legacy of Mykonos. Discover with him the beauty of unique, handcrafted fashion.

From working with some of the world’s leading designers to carrying forward the textile legacy of the world’s favourite Aegean island, Theodor Anastasato has woven his creative curiosity and passion for design into a unique career in fashion.

Bringing the joy of creativity back to the community

His interest in traditional techniques began when he was working in Japan. “I developed a desire to follow the materials I am working with back to their origins. It was a question of de-codifying the media of my trade into its archaic elements. And rebuilding them from there. I learned how to start using my hands again to create a frame of originality for my work,” Theodor says. “It is about finding what you can do with methods from the past but with ingredients, concepts and materials present in my immediate environment today.”

Mykonos is full of colours and smells and light and incredible energy

He uses the techniques in the handcrafted creations of his fashion brand, Intellectual Leisure. Moreover, he works with local artisans and municipal organisations in Mykonos — his home since 2019— to preserve the island’s weaving traditions and ancestral skills.

For the love of the island of Mykonos

Since 2021, Theodor has been leading workshops on traditional techniques such as handloom weaving, spinning yarn from the fleece of island sheep and using native plants to dye it in beautiful natural colours. And with each new day and each rediscovered technique, his connection to the island — personal, mystical, artistic — keeps growing stronger.

Each place I have lived in has left a big mark on me culturally and continues to influence my work in different ways. But it is Mykonos that most reflects the landscape of my inner life,” explains Theodor, whose parents first met on the island. “It is full of colours and smells and light and incredible energy.