The Culinary Journey of the Panoptis Escape Restaurant.

A deep exploration of flavours and aromas at the impressive, panoramic location of the Panoptis Escape.

At the Panoptis Escape Restaurant, we initiate you into an aesthetic and sensorial experience where natural ingredients are translated into creative dishes of genuine tastes. Be prepared for an elevated, mystagogical dinner with innovative creations by the talented Executive Chef Nikos Moroglou and his team that honour and celebrate the land and the sea and the culinary tradition of the Island of the Winds.

This is where the farm-to-table philosophy is transformed into mouthwatering delicacies inviting you to palatable journey through time, seasons, colours and aromas. The menu is designed in such a way that celebrates the finest of the classic Greek and Mediterranean cuisine with a contemporary twist.

A mouthwatering menu by the hands of Nikos Moroglou and his kitchen team served in the luxury setting of an exclusive sanctuary: a precious memory!

A mission in which it is faithful and shares with its visitors in the most stunning scenery. A luxury private dining experience with an exquisite view of the eternal sea and the sky. Surrounded by the aquatic element, guests feel like swinging above water and actually be at the top of what we call “the perfect taste of senses”. In a restaurant that stands tall above a fascinating seascape, natural ingredients blend together to infuse their original flavours with a new perception; that of a magical dinner paired with the magnificent sunset of Mykonos Island.