The 2022 Brand-New Issue of the Myconian Collection Magazine is Here!

A new publication by Else Agency – Sophisticated Media Lab, the latest issue of our annual Myconian Collection Magazine has just been released in collaboration with leading Mykonos hospitality group, Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts featuring 4 different cover stories for each destination of the group.

The Myconian Collection Magazine is a premium lifestyle magazine catering to a highly sophisticated, well-traveled readership. This unique English language publication is released once a year and made available inside the rooms and recreation areas of the eleven Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts properties as well as selected spots on the island.

Inside its 204 glossy pages, the 2022 edition features editorial content that shines the spotlight on the vibrant culture, history, tradition, arts, food, and drink of the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos as well as a series of local landmarks, secrets, activities and businesses worth discovering.

As Else Agency CEO and magazine publisher Elsa Soimiri tells us for this recent release,

“Our goal is to help readers discover new ways to experience the fantastic lifestyle of Mykonos and personalize their stay by discovering the very best the island and the Myconian Collection group have to offer in terms of culture, art, high gastronomy, nature, activities, shopping, wellness and experiences, ultimately finding the real meaning of luxury.

After all the heart knows instinctively what it needs and where it belongs, often before reason can affirm it. Maybe that’s why, at the very beginning of what later proves to be an extraordinary experience, it feels as if our hearts skip a beat. Maybe that’s the heart’s way of telling us that we’re on the cusp of something marvellous. Mykonos, naturally, seems to elicit this very effect. The moment you set foot on the island, your heart skips a beat and you experience a profound sense of being exactly where you are supposed to be; each return evokes that same flutter, that disarming sense of playful ease and connectedness that you have with good friends and great loves.

And just like the best of them, Mykonos feels irresistibly intimate and at the same time delightfully intriguing. There is a timeless familiarity to it, a seductive effortlessness tempered with tinges of anticipation and excitement—to be fascinated, revel in new experiences and make fabulous memories.

Bathed in brilliant Cycladic light, Mykonos is beautiful, enchanting and wonderfully complex. It exudes a singular authenticity and distinctive character shaped over millennia. In the ancient world, it was the last stop on the pilgrimage to the sacred island of Delos, the birthplace of the moon goddess Artemis and the sun god Apollo, and in the centuries since, its sunswept hills and glittering bays have made Mykonos the object of desire of kings and empires, travellers, adventurers and free spirits. Through it all, Mykonians elevated hospitality into an art form, a way of being and seeing the world, and learned to proudly preserve their culture, taking the best of each new influence and—defiantly, unapologetically, fabulously even—making it their own. You see this in the way the island’s deeply rooted sense of place exudes cosmopolitan flair, in the effortless coexistence of folk traditions and world-class luxury services, in the way that the old embraces the new, and in the way the island’s renowned hospitality is practised: with excellence, sophistication and, above all, with heart.

The Myconian Collection epitomises this perfectly. Since opening the doors to its first hotel, Kohili, in 1979, the family owned and run enterprise has been redefining luxury hospitality, going beyond exclusivity, aesthetics and exemplary service to offer an immersive experience grounded in authenticity, connectedness and that oh-so-important element of fun and excitement. This year, the Myconian Collection is debuting two gorgeous properties: the brand new O by Myconian in Ornos Beach, the Collection’s first beachfront hotel, and the stunning Panoptis Escape in Elia Beach, whose much anticipated official opening introduces a uniquely sublime hospitality experience.

With each new hotel, the Myconian Collection continues the island’s age-old tradition of outstanding open-hearted hospitality, giving discerning travellers the opportunity to delve into the very soul of Mykonos and experience its magic. At the same time, it is also continuing another age-old Mykonos tradition, that of preserving the island’s essence—its culture, its community and its nature. It does this through its environmentally conscious hospitality strategy and commitment to sustainability, from responsible water management and recycling to working with local producers and championing farm-to-table gastronomy, and always exploring new ways to help protect Mykonos.

It’s this holistic, authentically local, deeply personal, sustainability conscious approach that defines the inimitable Myconian experience: the elegant design that pays homage to the landscape, the spa rituals and fine dining that bring distinctive local flair to the table, the luxurious effortlessness tinged with the thrill of new experiences. The way your heart skips a beat because it knows. This is exactly where you are supposed to be.

Welcome to Myconian Collection Hotels and Resorts. Here’s wishing you a stay that’s everything your heart desires!”

The 2022 edition of Myconian Collection Magazine can be browsed online here