Indulge Ιnto the Parade of Stars of GOFAS Mykonos Boutique

A legacy of luxury watches and valuable jewels unfolds in GOFAS Mykonos Boutique.

Imagine yourself strolling around whitewashed alleys when you actually notice a parade of stars in a temple of jewels and timepieces. You stand indeed in front of GOFAS Mykonos Boutique! And this is where, daring to paraphrase Cesare Pavese, you think that “Luxury begins the moment you arrive on the island of the winds”.

Mykonos island, the absolute cosmopolitan destination, welcomes celebrities and leading personalities of the international and domestic jet set. Upon the renown Matogianni Street, GOFAS has found its right place showcasing the greatest brands of high watchmaking and jewelry. After completing 45 years of success, the brand makes its next brilliant moves. It has recently inaugurated the second Mono-brand HUBLOT Boutique here, while the sparkling myth of GOFAS Mykonos Boutique continues on Kalogera street!

The New Era

The new era of GOFAS signals the beginning of a new symbol. A symbol of art and design revealing leading brands and houses from the field of art, catering and clothing. Staying on the street, you come across the creative and aesthetic concept by Dean and Dan Caten and STORAGE MILANO in partnership with John and Gregory Gofas, the Ceresio7 Mykonos restaurant. Join the celebrities and personalities who choose to spend their night visiting HUBLOT Boutique and the GOFAS jewelry, before their dinner at Ceresio7 Mykonos restaurant.

Stars like Lior Suchard, Kylian Mbappé, Nikita Mazepin, as well as Nikoleta Mavridi, Eleni Hamperi and George Asimakopoulos have visited the boutiques and the Ceresio7 Mykonos restaurant. Respecting the multinational culture and the high demands for quality and aesthetics, GOFAS presents masterpieces from the most important brands of watchmaking and jewelry with luxury and timeless elegance, while HUBLOT Boutique welcomes friends and visitors to admire the wide variety of unique designs, just like the world exclusive “CLASSIC FUSION CHRONOGRAPH BOUTIQUE MYKONOS 2022”.

GOFAS MYKONOS BOUTIQUE: 25 Kalogera str, +30 2289 027339

HUBLOT MYKONOS BOUTIQUE: 43 Matogianni str, +30 22890 24521