Our Website myconiancollectionmagazine.gr Receives An Honorary Distinction at the 2022 Greek Tourism Awards

In the Website Design category!

Praised by the jury at the 2022 Greek Tourism Awards as the first travel website of its kind created by a Greek luxury hospitality group, myconiancollectionmagazine.gr is recognized for its excellent contribution to Greece’s tourism sector.

We are extraordinarily pleased with this award which has brought about further dedication and a sense of confidence in everything that we do. Naturally, receiving the award would have been impossible without Myconian Collection’s collaboration with Else Agency sophisticated media lab, based in Athens, Greece which designs and produces both the printed and digital versions of Myconian Collection’s magazine.

Upon receiving the Website Design Category award, Elsa Soimiri, CEO of Else Agency, said: “I am very proud for receiving this distinction and thank the Tourism Awards’ jury for this award. Following global trends in the high-end luxury hospitality industry, we were inspired and created a Travel Site that promotes the Myconian Collection’s group of 11 unique hotels and the incomparable beauty of Mykonos, together with the culture hidden behind this Greek tourist destination. Ultimately, this distinction belongs to my team of collaborators whose creativity and passion are expressed with such innovative new media that promote Greek tourism and showcase the beauty of our country all over the world.

Praised by the jury for its pioneering content and impeccable implementation, myconiancollectionmagazine.gr is the first travel website of its kind created by a Greek luxury hospitality group, offering unique, sophisticated content that is focused entirely on one of the most coveted, cosmopolitan and inspiring destinations in the world, namely the world-famous Greek island of Mykonos.

Conceived as an ongoing digital continuation of the highly successful curated in-room print magazine made available to all guests during their stay at any one of the Myconian Collection’s illustrious properties, myconiancollectionmagazine.gr is continuously updated providing website visitors information about new services and amenities within the Myconian Collection’s portfolio, along with a plethora of insightful, well curated articles spanning many aspects of what makes Mykonos such an incredible globally recognized destination. Providing an amazing insight into Mykonos, the website shares everything that visitors have loved about the Myconian Collection experience online – ranging from memorable Mykonos moments to uncovering some of the island’s best kept secrets.

With content written by a diverse mix of storytellers, artists and experts, the articles convey their own personal perspectives, experiences and thoughts. Whether they focus on style and design, art and culture, wellbeing, gastronomy or upcoming summer events, the articles keep the hospitality group’s sophisticated and discerning guests up-to-date with all types of travel experiences related to Mykonos while following global trends in the luxury hospitality industry.  

Both the Myconian Collection Magazine print and digital version are designed and produced by Else Agency sophisticated media lab, based in Athens, Greece.