Myconian Collection’s Panagiotis Tsoukatos Wants You to Care About the Original Flavours

This executive chef has perfected the Myconian summer dining.

For Executive Chef Panagiotis Tsoukatos, Myconian Collection’s restaurants at Chora are a playground to let loose and reach new heights in haute cuisine. Local ingredients are central to his vision, with dishes on offer changing based on the time of year and ingredient availability.

Panagiotis Tsoukatos learned to appreciate good, homemade food as a child from his mother, an excellent cook who takes pride in his chosen profession. Creative and with a passion to excel, Panagiotis joined the Myconian Collection when one of the owners, Marios Daktylides, recognised his talent and offered him a job as head chef at K-hotels. “I was fortunate to work for a man with vision, who believed in me right from the start and gave me the freedom to create. At the beginning of our collaboration in 2010, we were just three people in the kitchen. Today, we are a 28-strong staff servicing three restaurants!” Today, as an executive Chef at the Myconian Korali Relais & Châteaux, the Myconian Kyma Design Hotel and the Myconian Naia Luxury Suites, he is very enthusiastic about the variety of the menus presented by the three hotels.

Baos Fine Dining at the Myconian Korali follows the Relais & Châteaux philosophy, where the art of haute cuisine meets top quality and first-class ingredients that are sourced especially for us.” Fine dining gem Baos, which serves up contemporary Greek cuisine, has received the Top Notch distinction from Torques d’Or while Panagiotis Tsoukatos had already received a Greek Cuisine Restaurant Award, from Greek magazine Athinorama, with the selection panel speaking highly of the creativity of the menu, the contemporary outlook of the food, the skilled sommelier as well as the interesting wine list. “At the Relais & Châteaux, we promote the flavours of our homeland. You can enjoy lunch by the pool, or at restaurant which, from its elevated position, has a lovely view of Tinos”.

I want you to taste everything that went into the dish.

Naros Italian Cuisine fulfils Myconian Naia’s promise of blissful indulgence at a sensory level, as foodies of every persuasion will be seduced by the aromas and flavours served up by executive chef Panagiotis Tsoukatos. Passionate about expressing the variety of Italian cuisine and preserving pure flavours, his style is a fusion of traditional Mediterranean and international trends.

Noa Greek Restaurant at the Myconian Kyma combines culinary heritage and contemporary innovation to create haute cuisine, with rich Mediterranean flavours and appetising aromas that come into their own with the finest farm-to-table ingredients, grown, reared or fished exclusively for Kyma and meticulously selected by Panagiotis. Expect an exciting journey of Mediterranean gastronomy with traditional Greek mezethes like fried squid calamari, fava beans with octopus, lentil salad, moussaka, pasticcio or dolmades – all tasting as if they came out of a traditional Greek grandmother’s kitchen, but with an haute cuisine attitude.

I love good food, whether it is high gastronomy, or an excellent jamón in Barcelona or Madrid.

First and foremost, the emphasis is on top notch ingredients”, Panagiotis explains. His cooking preserves pure flavours. “I want you to taste everything that went into the dish. I do not believe in the kind of complexity that overpowers what you are eating. I will take a piece of lamb or fish, cook it to perfection and then perhaps glaze it a little; and I will garnish it with fresh aromatic herbs, but the original flavours will remain distinct”.

When he isn’t cooking, Panagiotis travels in search of gastronomic experiences. One of his pre-Covid trips was at Lyon, where he was introduced to French techniques at a Relais & Château hotel. At the end of his trip, he spent a few days sampling various creations at Michelin-starred restaurants. “I love good food, whether it is high gastronomy, or an excellent jamón in Barcelona or Madrid.”