Messika Μakes its Βrilliant “Move” Εxclusively at Gofas Jewelry.

Make Your Move with the new exquisite collection of Messika and stand out as the brand’s exclusive collaboration with GOFAS Jewelry does on Mykonos island.

Always on alert for new inspiration, Valérie Messika now embraces leather to create her iconic My Move bracelets. Starting to pop up on jewelry makers’ workbenches, she has managed to produce a colourful and incredibly desirable bracelet with it. The perfect companion for your casual set of jewelry. Ideal for every attire, for both men and women, the bracelets and all the sparkling designs of jewelry that compose the collection can be customized to meet your preferences. As unique, as the brand’s exclusive collaboration with GOFAS Jewelry itself. Exclusively at the boutique on Mykonos island, find more than 300 bracelet combinations available giving you a wide range of potential looks.

The cherry red and tangerine orange burst with zesty energy, while beige, taupe and chocolate add sophisticated shades for both sexes. Enhance beauty with the Venetian yellow, emerald green and white colour palette. Dare the rich colours of China blue, indigo blue and peacock blue that bring a minimalist aesthetic. Add the touches of raspberry and baby pink that imbue a delicate and feminine feeling and you have the full spectrum of styles. A whole new stunning world of brilliance treasured at Gofas Jewelry.

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