Meet the People Behind the Myconian Collection Hotels’ Amazing Look

Two iconic designers, Antonis Kalogridis and Vangelis Takos, on the why, the who and the how behind their amazing interiors at the Myconian Collection’s Elia Beach hotels.

The duo redefined the aesthetics of Mykonos through the complete remodelling of the Myconian Collection Hotels at their favourite Elia Beach.

TEXT Despoina Sampson

PHOTOGRAPHY Christos Drazos, Giannis Dimotsis

You always return to Mykonos to discover the new materials from which dreams are made of. Most of the time hiding behind them, are brilliant people who leave a piece of their soul on the island and not just a dull professional fingerprint. Antonis Kalogridis, the head of the design of the extensive renovation of the Myconian Imperial and the Royal Myconian Leading Hotels of the World, with his partner Vangelis Takos, are exactly the kind of people who convey not only their aesthetics, but also their distinctive personality in every project they undertake.

The natural environment, the sea, the rocks and anything else that draws my attention is a source of creativity.

Living on the island for 6 months a year, they are inspired by the landscape and introduce into every design project a new flair that defines it. The renovation included the complete redesigning, reorganizing and upgrading of the infrastructure of all the rooms and communal spaces of the two hotels that are located on the exceptional beach of Elia which breathes in the breeze of the Aegean Sea. For Antonis Kalogridis, the inspiration was found in every passing moment he spent on this island with the crystal clear waters and fine sand.
The natural environment, the sea, the rocks and anything else that draws my attention is a source of creativity. Even people with their distinctive aesthetics find a way into my design dreams. The same could be said about the way the sun sinks into the sea or rises in the morning”. In these two hotels, the head of design saw the life of the visitor transformed into a game of relaxation and comfort. “The urban fantasy of travel becomes a reality at the Myconian Imperial, which I visualised like a metropolitan loft above the sea. Here, luxury serves the Cycladic aesthetics of simplicity and of moderation. Vacationing at the premises of the resort is a present of the visitor to himself, a modern wandering to the timeless Greek summer. Greek topography is underlined through the blending of the stone with the white wood, the colour contrasts and the decorative elements that function as global cultural bridges. The visitor experiences the freedom of multiple aesthetical choices and conquers on his terms the eternal summer”.

I visualised the Myconian Imperial like a metropolitan loft above the sea.

His vision for the Royal Myconian embraces the traditional Cycladic atmosphere by giving it contemporary features. The venue constitutes a sculptured landscape, a contemporary aesthetic recreation of the traditional alleys of Mykonos. The usual fake folklore representation gives its place to the restructuring of those elements that comprise the essence of Cycladic nature and hospitality. Every space, simple room or suite becomes a window to the Aegean Sea, a pathway to cosmopolitan Hellenism. The white colour in the relief of plastered walls blends with the wood eroded by the brine of the sea and the colour analysis of the Greek summer, the fabrics and the tapestries. The Royal Myconian is a venue that awakens the senses and transforms your vacation into a unique aesthetic and emotional experience of a journey within”.