Uncovering the Secrets of Luxury Hospitality

Chief Marketing Officer Kristie Goshow gives us an exclusive interview.

In an exclusive interview, Chief Marketing Officer Kristie Goshow discusses the 51 years of Preferred Hotels & Resorts, letting us in on the secrets of luxury hospitality.

A valuable Myconian Collection partner, Preferred Hotels & Resorts is an organisation that encompasses absolute hospitality excellence through showcasing the most outstanding accommodation options on the planet – including the Myconian Naia, which carries Preferred’s L.V.X. label, and the Myconian Villa Collection, which has achieved the highest status, Legend.

What made Preferred Hotels & Resorts stand out in these 50+ years?

Since our foundation in 1968 by 12 North American hoteliers, Preferred has grown to become the world’s largest independent hotel brand with more than 750 hotels in over 85 countries. What makes us special and has underpinned our longevity, is a readiness to continually evolve, adapting to travel trends, technology, and hoteliers’ ever-changing needs while maintaining a deep commitment to independent hospitality. We have believed in the inspiration of travel, and by staying true to our core values, we have curated a global portfolio of exceptional one-of-a-kind hotels that deliver authentic, personalised and unique guest experiences.

How do you see Preferred Hotels & Resorts evolving within the next five years?

We are working to add new hotels in unexpected destinations, offering originality and wonder to a travelling public who now aspire to “less of the same”. We want to be recognised as a brand with clear purpose built around a single promise – Believe in travel. We believe that travel makes people better. Socially, mentally, physically, and emotionally, the virtues of travel are significant and far-reaching. Ultimately, we want to help our guests find themselves, celebrate their lives, and become better versions of themselves through exposure to new places and people that will surprise and challenge their paradigm.

Why should elite travellers trust Preferred Hotels & Resorts, and what added services do you provide?

Luxury travellers today relish the element of surprise and new experiences and make accommodation choices that immerse them in a destination. They expect the unexpected and seek extra to the ordinary. Preferred Hotels & Resorts provides a trusted seal of approval and a one-stop resource for travellers seeking independent luxury hotels, resorts, and residences that reveal the heart and soul of a destination. We can confidently promise that an elite traveller will only encounter two consistent brand standards during their engagement with our 750 member hotels: I Prefer Hotel Rewards, which delivers earned benefits such as VIP amenities and free nights to frequent luxury travellers at more than 650 participating hotels, and our unwavering quality in product and service. Every other wonderful aspect of the hotel guest experience is decided by the individual hotel in a way that is right for their destination and community. Our hotels embrace the freedom to be different. We are proud to say that “no one (hotel) is the same” because as human beings, not one of us is the same. We are all originals seeking an engagement that is equally unique. In looking at the ambitions of an experienced elite traveller, we might describe our brand as a breath of fresh air!

Philanthropy remained a core family value at Preferred Hotels & Resorts since its inception more than 50 years ago. What are your plans for the future?

It’s a core aspect of our cultural fabric and business ideology. We are committed to giving back and looking for new ways to be more socially conscious citizens. We are engaging on a greater scale with charitable partners in water aid, human trafficking and environmental issues. Regarding the environment, we are taking steps to offset our carbon footprint. Earlier this year, we decided to donate funds to non-profit organisations that plant trees around the world and to seek alternative options to air travel for international meetings. Our associates and hotel teams contribute thousands of hours of philanthropic efforts each year, and our corporate responsibility program GIFTTS (Great Initiatives for Today’s (Tomorrow’s) Society) is a platform from which to celebrate these engagements within local communities. Further, we are currently working with the NOW Force for Good Alliance to curate hotels offering sustainable travel experiences that meet the louder demand for responsible travel.