Kooreloo Launches Its First Shoe Collection

Here’s what we will wear in 2021.

The Kooreloo 2021 SS/HS Shoe Collection features unique designs marrying Mediterranean culture and European finesse.

Kooreloo. Unique handmade women’s bags that set a trend echoing designs which incorporate traditional Greek weaving handcraft. Up to now, you weren’t likely to be expecting shoes and sandals from this fashion house. This season, however, Kooreloo launches its first shoe collection!

Kooreloo’s 2021 SS/HS Shoe Collection features unique designs that combine Mediterranean tones with European finesse. Inspired by the charm, dynamism and playfulness of today’s woman, Kooreloo creates shoes that make a strong statement about the character and radiance of their wearer.

The Kooreloo fashion brand has been operating since February 2015, designing and producing luxurious women’s accessories. A Greek success story, the brand soon achieved rapid penetration in more than 20 mature markets, with its products made available in more than 250 high-end boutiques and iconic department stores that include Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Shopbop and Le Bon Marché.

Kooreloo sells its products online via its official website at www.kooreloo.com and expresses its sensibilities, mood and work on its customer-centric Instagram page, @kooreloo.