Impressive Designs by TechnoArt

TechnoArt elevates interior and exterior design at the supreme level of living art.

What does the bust of a ram symbolize at the Panoptis Escape design hotel? How is the meaning of Greek word “Antidote” adopted in the philosophy of the idyllic O’ by Myconian Collection, engraved on the wall? It expresses the excellent technique and design superiority of a company that artistically decorates interiors and exteriors of high aesthetics.

TechnoArt was founded by Antonis Kiokou as the continuation of his great love for design, scenography and sculpture. Taking advantage of his many years of experience along with Lena Karra’s, TechnoArt is dynamically active in the construction and design of industrial and decorative objects as well as in the configuration of outdoor spaces, the interior design of business premises, hotels and residences. Headquartered in Thessaloniki, the company continues to grow and undertake projects throughout Greece and abroad.

TechnoArt has received a series of distinctions through the clients who trusted it and honored it by assigning their projects to the “World Luxury Hotel Awards”, “Boutique Hotel Awards” and “100% Hotel Design”. As a matter of fact, in 2023 is once again nominee for these categories. Today, the structure and size of TechnoArt enables it to undertake a wide range of projects, having as an advantage the excellent training and continuous updating of its executives on matters of new materials technology and development in the field of design.

Life imitates art. Or, vice-versa? When an ideal oasis of premium hospitality is being born at the O’ by Myconian Collection through artistic items, then it can be both ways.

Exemplary designs that bear the signature of TechnoArt are the impressive installations at both luxurious hotels, Panoptis Escape and O’ by Myconian Collection.

Boasting the inspiring, almost sculptural, decoration at Panoptis Escape, TechnoArt has contributed to create a holistic oasis, a space where you travel through time and mood feeling like you step into a unique slice of heaven admiring an artistic set of decorative objects wondering around like a contemporary “Alice in wonderland”. Imaginative furniture adds their own tone mingling with the intriguing scenery bringing forward a whole new and impressive landscape.

A different philosophy embraces the O’ by Myconian Collection challenging the mix of eclectic boho with minimal aesthetics. Words that encapsulate the sense of belonging, allured by mesmerizing beauty are sculpted on the walls creating a blissful sanctuary. Faithful to the original concept of each hotel or professional space, TechnoArt’s designs follow in full length the character of the project preparing custom made decorations, installations and furniture to complete the scenery.

Every demanding project stands as a promising call to enter new worlds of creativity delivering the unexpected.