How to Spend a Perfect Love Weekend in Mykonos – 8 Ideas for Just the Two of You

See all your romantic dreams come to life.

From private tours to yoga sessions, secluded beaches, helicopter rides, and beyond, these Myconian experiences seek to make couples feel like royalty, introducing them to the very heart of the island.

Private Wine Rituals

If you enjoy fine wine and authentic flavours, you will be remiss not to take part in a wine tasting that’s expertly curated courtesy of the Myconian Collection. Personalised to your preferences, wine tastings are veritable journeys in the craftsmanship and art of the vine and the wine. Expert sommeliers are at your disposal as your knowledgeable guides, while wines can be paired with extraordinary cheeses and fruit from Greece and beyond. Depending on your interests, Myconian Collection can set up a tour of local vineyards and winemaking facilities or even an utterly elegant private wine tasting on their premises with a focus on Greek or international wines.

Private Island Cruises

Did you know that you can extend your nautical getaway to remote secret beaches and coves as well as neighbouring islands, including Santorini, Naxos and Tinos? Made-to-measure mini-escapes with private boats can last as long as you want them to, giving you dozens of brand new ways to discover the soul of Cyclades. As the sunset draws near, toast the legendary waters of the Aegean Sea with a bottle of exquisite wine or champagne on board.

Private Delos tour

Eager to share a bright chapter of ancient Greek history with everyone, the Myconian Collection has curated a luxurious experience just for two to introduce you to the glory of Delos. You’ll be setting sail from Mykonos on your private boat to marvel at fantastic statues, ancient houses and temples alongside an experienced tour guide.

Indulge Your Love of Wine and take part in a ritual to honour the art of winemaking by tasting stand-out labels – famous and niche alike, all exceptional in quality – assisted by our wine experts.

Private helicopter tours

With a long experience in VIP hospitality, the Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts offer couples the option of exclusive helicopter flights direct to the resorts’ ´helipad, in addition to private jet services. These chartered flights are a flexible, truly enjoyable way to reach your hotel while taking in exclusive, breathtaking views of the islands. By booking a helicopter tour of Mykonos and the nearby islands, we’ll give you ample opportunity to get the exhilarating feeling of flying while exploring the archipelago. Watch the sun glisten on the water, witness the endless hues of blue, and take in wondrous vistas on the side of our trusted pilots. The helicopter tour of Mykonos is an exclusive Myconian experience for two not to be missed!

Underwater photography for two

You may have thousands of holiday pictures: Stunning sunsets, emblematic landmarks, carefree shots on sandy beaches. But have you ever had the pleasure of being part of an underwater photoshoot? The Myconian Collection now gives a chance for a couple to take part in a curated experience of underwater photography. Alongside their expert team, you’ll take a boat to the perfect spot for your photo session – somewhere where you feel at ease, diving into the water to let the bottom of the sea reveal its kaleidoscope of colours and magnificence. Take an exclusive peek at the wondrous aquatic world, obtain pictures of your significant other in a brand new light and make memories for everyone to see – under the sea!

Private Yoga Sessions

Defined as a spiritual and ascetic discipline characterised by controlling the breath, maintaining specific body postures and meditating with the aim of relaxing and promoting good health, yoga is gaining more and more popularity around the world. Yoga sessions for two at the Myconian Collection premises or even in the natural
beauty of one of Mykonos’ lesser known coves are designed for all levels and offer easy steps for beginners along with greater challenges for more advanced students (to encourage beginners, they offer introductory classes for private clients) in a selection of on-site indoor and outdoor locations as well as in other unique settings around the island.

At the Myconian Collection, your private helicopter tours can be personalised to your heart’s content to truly make you feel on top of the world.

Private dinner for two

Designed for ultimate privacy and total relaxation, the Myconian Collection caters to discerning guests seeking to combine the opulence of an indulgent getaway with exclusive, personalised services. Ideal for a romantic getaway, their villas provide the perfect backdrop should you wish to dine alone. It could be an intimate affair for two – it’s all up to you. You can also choose to hire one of talented exceptional chefs, who will spoil you with gourmet delicacies of your choice. Alternatively, we can make sure that you are provided with a daily delivery of fresh groceries, fine coffees and teas, breakfast prepared at your suite as well as pool lunches on request.

Private tours with our luxury cars

Myconian Collection’s Guests Service team places the world at your fingertips, and they are experts in getting you from here to anywhere in style. You can also ride in comfort and style with their friendly and experienced chauffers. Their fleet of luxury limousines, Porsche Cayennes, Mercedes mini limo-buses and 40-seat limo-coaches can meet your most exacting transportation requirements.