How the Myconian Collection is Shaping the Future of Sustainable Hospitality

Exclusive interview with Anastasios Naoum.

Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts’ Commercial Director Anastasios Naoum is taking the promise of sustainability further revealing a true green hospitality strategy.

Are you committed to sustainability?

Long before sustainability was a buzzword, forward-thinking people were already embracing its tenets. This was the case with George Daktylides, a local of Mykonos, who created the first private hotel on the island in 1979. In doing so, he founded The Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts, building it from the ground up and transforming it into a powerhouse of Greek hospitality, featuring ten leading hotels: The Ambassador at Platis Gialos, the Avaton, Imperial, Royal, Utopia, Villa Collection and Panoptis Escape at Elia Beach and Korali, Kyma and Naia at Mykonos Town.

Combining natural beauty, authentic character and luxury hospitality, the company is now managed by George’s four sons, Panos, Markos, Vangelis and Marios Daktylides. The reason they can deliver such high hospitality is inextricably linked to their respect and connection to the nature and culture of the island. And sustainability is a large part of that.

In what ways do you work toward a fully sustainable stay?

For the eleven Myconian Collection properties, we have developed a clear green hospitality strategy which includes waste management, water conservation and recycling. Guests are encouraged to reuse linens and towels, while water is recycled in order to water trees and plants. Daktylides brothers also run local environmental conservation initiatives together with groups and authorities, doing their part in preserving the natural wealth of this extraordinary island.

“Sustainability remains our top priority”, he explains redefining the concept of island hospitality.

Do visitors looking to embrace the island’s eco-consciousness find ways to do so while enjoying every bit of their vacation at the Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts?

Linking the Daktylides family’s history to 21st century hospitality trends, we maintain longstanding ties with local producers and fishermen, many of which have been supplying their Group with the fruits of the Aegean Sea and Greek land from the days of the very first hotel. Chefs at the acclaimed Myconian restaurants champion the Farm to Table approach, ensuring that most ingredients are sourced locally in order to not only reduce their carbon footprint but also elevate the dishes.

Giving back to Mykonos also means supporting its people, and to that end, the Myconian Collection also reaches out to the communities of the Cyclades island, boosting the local economy and providing valuable opportunities through various means. As Myconian Collection, Daktylides family continues to explore new ways to help protect Mykonos, the island where they live, work and play. It comes natural when you love a place together with its nature and people.