Myconian Collection: This is Our Mission and Our Promise to You

Read what drives the Myconian Collection family and discover their vision for local, warm and professional hospitality.

Let us guide you through the sheer luxury of the Myconian Collection of Hotels & Resorts, and show you the genuine face of the island!

It’s a timeless source of inspiration and progress, an exciting part of our lives that has led us all on an unparalleled journey. Over the years, we have experienced more than we could ever have imagined. The Myconian Collection hotels we have created aren’t merely places of luxurious hospitality. It’s about much more than that, something more essential. They are microcosms into which we welcome people whom we consider unique and with whom we form close bonds. We hope that they come to think of this as their home, to which they can return from all corners of the world, a haven in which to simply let go. Nothing that might please them has been left to chance. Every detail, every service, every corner we have created is our way of bringing people closer and building long-lasting relationships. With every passing year, we discover new ways of communicating our passion. We live with our guests, getting to know them in ways we had never imagined. Our customers are the bright paths of our evolution. We share with them all that we love about Mykonos: the light and its truth, the sea and its unique feeling, the earth and its authentic energy. Our island gave us all that we need in order to get to where we are and to make the impossible, possible.