Find New Cherished Items at the Imperial Concept Store!

Imagine that you’re tempted to buy a new kaftan, a trendy pair of sandals or a new swimsuit to mark your Greek summer. Your shopping instinct leads you to the resort’s Concept Store, a space filled with the latest arrivals.

The Concept Store at the Myconian Imperial is your go-to destination to freshen up your holiday attire, find new cherished items and pick out exquisite gifts for your loved ones. You’ll find a souvenir and beautiful treasures to cherish just waiting to be discovered.

Actually, this space is filled with the latest from exciting designers as well as chic classics. The brands on offer range from up-and-coming Greeks to established fashion houses from across the world. To whet your appetite, here are just some of the names you’ll be lusting for: Verde, Amelie, Cobbi, Angelo Berreta, Crool, Pearl& Caviar, Despi, Kori and Milla.  All beach and poolside needs are also well taken care of with swimwear. Here to address your holiday accessory and light summer clothing needs, this store is a short trip from your room you’ll be glad you’ve taken.

RECEPTION LEVEL, Elia Beach, T. +30 22890 79500

OPENING HOURS 10.00-14.00 and 17.00-21.00