Famous Wellness Entrepreneur & Travel Blogger, Camilla Akerberg Turns to Mykonos for Inspiration

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Exclusive interview with the fitness, yoga and nutrition coach during her holidays at the Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts.

She is fantastic! A key-expert at Vinyasa Yoga, Camilla has years of experience in the wellness industry. She trains high end one-on-one clients globally since 2015. Through her online wellness business, she helps her online clientele with training programs and nutrition guidance. Her passion for movement and health is something she loves to share. And as we learn from her own page on internet, her personal approach to health is holistic staying true to balance.

Is Mykonos the right place for a true yoga fan?

Although Mykonos lacks a big yoga community- the inspiration to practice yoga comes from within. So, Mykonos is definitely the right spot for a true yoga fan. There are so many incredibly beautiful, calm places on the island that help to ignite this inspiration. Majority of people who visit Mykonos, especially during peak season (July and August), come there for the never ending parties. But in general, more and more people are gravitating towards bringing more wellness and movement into their lives and hotels are jumping on board this trend by facilitating movement and relaxation. There are also many wellness retreats that are popping up in Mykonos in the less busy season. This is actually how I was introduced to the island six or so years ago as I visited it for work- training fitness and yoga retreats. I personally prefer the island off-peak season (June and September) as I love having routine in my life and the island’s energy calms me down.

Have Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts welcomed you on a journey of self improvement and relaxation? Was it an inspirational experience for you?

The Myconian Collection hotels welcomed me on a journey of self-improvement and relaxation. All the hotels have fitness facilities which for me is an important aspect of a hotel. There is nothing more inspiring than practicing yoga in a beautiful calming place- and the Myconian Collection Hotels definitely do not disappoint on this department.

Does the setting of the Myconian Collection properties help initiate new people into yoga and reconnect them with themselves and with nature?

I would describe the Myconian Collection hotels as each hotel being like a little oasis of calmness and beauty on an island that sometimes can be quite crazy. It’s a place where visitors want to spend their days, relaxing and enjoying themselves- just existing. A luxury stay away from home that is so comfortable that it takes their mind off anything that may be stressful in their normal everyday lives. It ignites gratitude. Gratitude to where you are now, and this reflects back to realizing all the small things that make your everyday life so wonderful too.

I think this setting can be an inspiration for new people to start looking inwards. How can I improve myself? It might spark a desire to practice yoga, get into a better routine, to meditate, to spend more time in nature. The Myconian Collection hotels facilitate this lifestyle- and I think many people will want to continue on this journey when they return home.

Panoptis Escape blew my mind away by its beauty and calmness and it’s a perfect spot to practice in the serenity of your own private outdoor space.

Yoga is holistic in its approach of body, mind and spirit. What are the benefits, in your opinion, of this practice? What does it offer to modern society?

Yoga is holistic in its approach of body, mind and spirit. You are moving with your breath, focusing on nothing else but the present moment. This is a form of active meditation- it brings calmness to your life and can really help reduce stress and anxiety in our fast-phased modern society.

To go a bit deeper- yoga works to move energy in your body. Our bodies have 7 energy centers (chakras) along the spine, and yoga helps align our energetic body that affect our emotional and physical well-being as well as physical body. It helps you heal your emotional issues, it increases mindfulness, gratitude, openness to new ideas, positivity and calms the mind.

From a physical viewing point, yoga also increases strength, balance, flexibility, mobility and mind-to muscle awareness- which can really help the modern individual with everyday tasks. It improves overall health and can also help with injury management. I personally have a bulged disk injury. For me, yoga has been a big aid with reducing back-pain and re-introducing effortless movement.

What’s the best place for yoga at the Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts that you have visited?

For my own solo practice, I choose calm places outdoors, and the Myconian Collection hotels offer the most incredible spots with breathtaking views for this. I have some incredible yoga practice memories- high up on the hill at Panoptis Escape by the pool where I felt like I was on the edge of the world. Morning yoga by my private infinity pool at the Myconian Ambassador hotel. Sunset yoga at the Myconian Avaton resort. Once I finished my practice- I just sat there, so grateful for life, watching the sky turn from orange to pink and purple before the darkness took over.

Regarding classes, the best inside yoga facility I have come across is at the Myconian Ambassador hotel which has a high-end gym and pilates/yoga studio. I think this is a perfect spot for a smaller class of guests. The Myconian Ambassador hotel has a large outdoor space below the main pool where I can also see larger classes. And Panoptis Escape blew my mind away by its beauty and calmness. A perfect spot to practice in the serenity of your own private outdoor space.

I think each of the Myconian Collection hotels I have visited has its own possibilities when it comes to spots for yoga. Each of them offers its own, beautiful yoga experience.