Everyone Is Talking About the Mykonos Adventure – But Why?

A glamorous island famous throughout the world for its laidback, luxurious lifestyle.

Behind its spirited revelries in season, there is an authentic story; one that is full of energy about a place where small wonders are created when it is touched with love and respect.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Giannis Dimotsis

What is the source of the cool vibe that transforms Mykonos into a thrilling, glamorously crowded, music pumping, life-enhancing destination every summer?

Think of the island as fertile paradise for alternative thought; a place that is inhabited by rare “birds” and individuals with strong traditions, yet who are also quick-thinking, open-minded, innovative and sensitive to the need for love and freedom.

Here, a pelican named Petros achieved mythical status, competing for global recognition with such perennial island landmarks as the windmills and the stone-carved churches. His story proves the “anything goes” axiom that hangs in the light island air and rises with every full August moon.

Mykonos is an oasis, a shelter and an island rich with symbolism.