Enjoy Traditional Favourites at the Camares Pool Restaurant.

Acclaimed Executive Chef George Oikonomou turns every meal into a fabulous culinary experience.

At the Royal Myconian, there’s a seat reserved for you to feel like royalty at a fascinating addition to the vast array of gastronomy options at the Myconian Collection – Camares Pool Restaurant. Acclaimed Executive Chef George Oikonomou has developed an updated, trend-forward taverna concept, approaching this unique legacy with respect, intelligence and enthusiasm as he prepares a range of dishes fit for Olympian royalty by bringing together local culinary tradition and the sophistication you have come to expect from Myconian Collection ventures.

An imposing wooden door is your gateway to a dining hall characterised by sleek lines, sophistication and magnificent views of the bluest blue of the Aegean. You’ll have a hard time splitting your attention between the privileged vistas and the masterfully prepared and beautifully presented dishes – but anyone who’s already sampled this restaurant’s delicacies will confirm that the latter will eventually win.

Taking your pick from a creatively Greek menu where the focus is on organic, pure, bright ingredients, you’ll embark on a journey of the senses that will explain just why these delights are fast making this restaurant a favourite with Mykonos foodie crowds. Greek cuisine may be evolving, but the standards of freshness, seasonality and precision still reign supreme – as does flavour, the uncontested star of the show at Camares Pool Restaurant.