“Discovering the True Luxury…

Editor in Chief, Elsa Soimiri, reveals her true Myconian Collection experience.

Editor’s note on the amazing Mykonos island and the unique details behind its fame.

I have been visiting this island ever since I was a child. Summer vacations are all about discovery and transformation, especially when you are a teenager, and you could say that some of my best moments growing up are buried here, some very deeply.

Mykonos is an established international brand – a glamorous, cosmopolitan island famous throughout the world for its laidback, luxurious lifestyle. However, behind its spirited revelries in season, there is an authentic story; one that is full of energy about a place where small wonders are created when it is touched with love and respect. This energy, a driving force that moves everything on Mykonos, is what I value most and regard as its real wealth. As I watch the day break over the bay of Platis Yialos from the Ambassador’s deck, look out over Elia to the distant horizon from one of the spectacular terraces of the Myconian Collection, or weave my way through the vibrant streets of Chora to have sunset drinks on the famous lookout lounge at Korali, I am reminded that these spots on the Mykonos map tell their own story.
It is a story that began in 1979, when George P. Daktylides opened Kohili as the first hotel in the Collection which today counts eleven establishments that are synonymous with luxury and firm favourites with loyal customers from around the globe. Yet it is also about pure hospitality – of the kind that has its original root in the home and is refined by one family over generations.

The energy, this driving force that moves everything on Mykonos, is what I value most and regard as its real wealth.

Today, each hotel is run by one of the sons and has its own personality and style, offering a range of luxury accommodation, rates and entertainment, all with the same superlative service standards.
On the beautiful Elia Beach, commanding panoramic views of the Aegean Sea from spectacular pool decks and private terraces, you will find the Utopia , the trend-setting Avaton, the elegant Villa Collection, as well as the Imperial, the Royal and the ultra-new Panoptis Escape. Further south, the Myconian Ambassador is a beacon of exalted contemporary refinement poised above the beautiful bay of Platis Gialos. And on the edge of Mykonos Town overlooking the Alefkandra windmills – the very site that the Group’s founder chose to build his first hotel – the recently renovated and unique portfolio of luxury lifestyle destinations that complete the brilliant constellation of the Myconian Collection with the five-star Kyma, the Naia Luxury Suites and the Korali.
The family’s vision to invest their dreams in their island has been fulfilled. Behind the glamour and the high level of services at the Myconian Collection Hotels and Resorts lies the sincere love of its founders for hospitality that is synonymous with true luxury, irrespective of stars and awards. One that stems from the personal relationships formed with guests, over sharing their love for Mykonos.
You have chosen to enjoy your holidays in this special part of the world and to stay in one of the Myconian Collection Hotels. It is a perfect choice on both counts. Take in the radiance of the light, the mythical beauty of the Aegean, the glamorous procession of beautiful people, the cultural riches and famous subculture. But also look closely around you to discover the simplicity in the small details behind all the luxury.

Live the experience with us!