Dio Horia – The Most Instagrammable Art Gallery on Mykonos

A two-storey home on Panagia Panachra Square hosts works of art and resident artists.

WORDS Rania Georgiadou

Founded by Marina Vranopoulou, Dio Horia is an art platform & gallery for contemporary art and culture that will be presenting an interesting program, hosting a total of 11 shows featuring international and Greek emerging artists. Some, like Nina Chanel Abney, Raul de Nieves, Malvina Panagioti and Hulda Guzman, are invited to participate in Dio Horia’s residency programme, thus encouraging cultural diversity and creative learning exchange.

Dio Horia platform runs an international residency program and also organizes group shows and publications with established and emerging artists that have not exhibited in Greece.

The season opens in April with ‘The Veterans’, a group show focusing on three artistic media that historically represent some of the oldest traces of artistic creation: drawing, sculpting and weaving. Furthermore, an exhibition on ‘Basketball and Art’ will transform the 3-storey building into a basketball court with diverse artworks and themes – from artefacts to anatomy, and from mass spectacle to gender and ethnicity.

Dio Horia Mykonos will re-open on April 2021

tel:  +30 6946008817

email: info@diohoria.com

Opening hours

During the winter months Dio Horia is closed. The space is used as a residency house and studios. from April – October Dio Horia Mykonos is open from 19:00-1:00 daily.

Panahra Sq., Chora, Mykonos, Greece