Are You Rescheduling Your Wedding?

The post-pandemic guide for an unforgettable celebration on Mykonos.

When is the best time to hold an event of any kind at the Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts? How do you plan on moving forward? All you need to know before planning your event.

All ten Mykonos hotels (including the brand new Panoptis Escape!) open their doors every May and are ready to host a variety of events, tailor-made to our guests’ desires and requirements. Although COVID-19 has changed the landscape for running events , Myconian Collection wedding experts are more than ready to move forward. Learn how they are planning to face the challenge in 2022.

  • Undoubtedly, 2021 was a transitional year. At the Myconian Collection, they made slow, safe and tentative steps. They had to limit the number of attending guests, per authorities’ and experts’ recommendations closer to that time, but it’s all so they can make any event hassle-free and give their guests complete peace of mind.
  • Being independent is an advantage and for the Myconian Collection, being a hospitality group owned and managed by a local family gives them even more flexibility. They are small enough to care and to be able to work with their guests face-to-face to make their dreams come true. But they are also big enough to offer a wide variety of spaces, services and amenities that can be tweaked and adapted (from private pools to beaches, halls etc) as well as several accommodation options for hosts and their guests – from guestrooms to villas and suites…
  • Myconian Collection experts prefer to err on the side of safety and that’s why they’re going to be following strict protocols in their guest experience as well as all their events, in collaboration with industry experts in hygiene and health.
  • Their goal is two-sided: to provide a fully safe and COVID-free experience to guests and their families, as well as to make sure everyone feels well taken care of, stress-free and fully safe.
  • The biggest challenge couples are facing when planning a wedding is to invite their loved ones and host them in a way that’s completely safe and lacking any worry. At the Myconian Collection, they fully empathise with the position newlyweds-to-be are in at the moment: they want to celebrate their love whilst also wanting to be safe. Their events team will be by their side every step of the way to make sure everything’s perfect, including safety.
  • A piece of advice for veterans in the wedding and events industry after the past year? Don’t lose your momentum and your energy! Build upon your strong suits to develop and adapt services based on our new normal – and always seek quality partnerships with recognised professionals and brands, especially now.
  • There is increased demand from couples and other event hosts for open-air spaces in warm, sunny destinations with a focus on natural beauty. Moreover, accommodation privacy is taking centre stage with options such as villas and rooms with extensive outdoor spaces becoming even more popular. At the Myconian Collection, they expect that sizeable villas, such as the ones they offer throughout the group, will be highly sought after.
  • It’s the message that counts. What you need to do is inspire confidence and trust with your expertise and experience, and show guests that you will be by their side every step of the way, in an honest, personal and bespoke manner. Personal service is even more important in the post-COVID era.
  • Their six Elia Beach properties – the Myconian Avaton, Myconian Imperial, Panoptis Escape, Royal Myconian, Myconian Utopia and Villa Collection – mean great flexibility with spaces, services and extras for the guests’ events. What’s more, Elia Beach offers the best of both worlds, combining the quieter side of Mykonos and its jet-setter vibes. As a result, a bespoke event can be as luxurious and cosmopolitan or as intimate an affair as their guests want it to, on every single level – from setting to décor, catering, music, number of guests and more.