Alpha Mission – Δelos & The [Uncertain] Four Seasons

The Historic Greek Island Hosts A Pan-European Concert For Life On Our Planet

On 30 May, the emblematic Greek island of Delos -the cosmopolitan centre of the Mediterranean in antiquity, now an open museum- comes to life again! This date will mark the official launch of ALPHA MISSION – ΔELOS.

For the first time in its thousands of years of historyDelos welcomes a classical music orchestra for a broadcast concert of an international scope and great symbolic value. The European Union Youth Orchestra (EUYO), together with Ukrainian & Russian musicians, and soloists the Ukrainian born rising star Diana Tishchenko (violin) and Greek virtuoso Sokratis Sinopoulos (lyra) will perform the concert entitled “The [uncertain] Four Seasons”, a concert especially created to underscore the uncertainty about the future of our planet if we do not act urgently.

Live Broadcast from Delos to the Megaron Garden 

The concert will be live-streamed (19:30 CET) on ARTE, on the social-media platforms of Cultural and Technological institutions, and projected live onto big screens in Megaron the Athens Concert Hall and various European cities. It will additionally be broadcast on ARTE’s Sunday TV concert on 5 June -17.25 (CET) in Germany and 18.25 (CET) in France. The concert will be available on from 30th May until end of August and will then travel around the world. The event also marks the 30th anniversary of ARTE, the important European cultural channel, symbol of Franco-German friendship.

Carmen Fizzarotti’s Floating Autumn from  The [uncertain] Four Seasons, is an algorithmic re-composition of Vivaldi’s ‘Autumn’. Developed by composers, musicians, climate and computer scientists using geospatial climate predictions for 2050, it depicts what a future world might feel like if we do not reverse biodiversity loss by 2030. The [Uncertain] Four Seasons is an initiative of AKQA and Jung von Matt, composer Hugh CrosthwaiteSydney Symphony Orchestra and the Monash Climate Change Communications Research Hub.

The ALPHA MISSION – ΔELOS concert is a co-production of the World Human Forum & ARTE in partnership with Europa Nostra, the Hellenic Space Center, the National Research Center for Natural Sciences “Demokritos”, the Hellenic Foundation for CultureMegaron the Athens Concert Hall – and in collaboration with the Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades. The EUYO is artistic partner of the event.

The ALPHA MISSION programme

The content of the events can have the form of ground breaking concerts, exhibitions, performances and interdisciplinary dialogues promoting harmony between Technology and Nature through the medium of the Arts. Their echo will vibrate through collaborations with prominent institutions from all continents. It will also consist of residencies taking place all year round in Delphi, Apollo’s oracle, centre of the ancient world and base of the World Human Forum.
The events have started in 2021 and will culminate in 2024, on the historic date when the first woman lands on the moon. They will take place during the summer full Moons. When the first woman walks on the moon in 2024, she will not only greet Kennedy Space Centre in Florida but also Delos, the birthplace of Artemis. The place that according to Pindar was perceived by the Gods as “Dark Earth’s far-seen star” glowing with light in the dark sea. A World Cultural heritage site that will highlight NASA’s commitment: “Protecting Heritage, protecting historic sites and artefacts will be just as important in space as it is here on Earth. Under Artemis
Accords agreements, NASA and partner nations will commit to the protection of sites with historic value.”