A Jewish Wedding Straight Out of Your Dreams

Just get in touch with Myconian Collection MICE team to discuss your preferences and wishes and they’ll make sure you have the perfect wedding.

Renowned for their hospitality and catering to diverse cultures and traditions, the Myconian Collection can assist in the officiating of ceremonies for all denominations, including Jewish weddings, parties and events made as traditional or as modern as you’d like. Jaw-droppingly beautiful and yet easily accessible, the island of Mykonos is amongst the top destinations for weddings in the Mediterranean, and it’s easy to see why.

Whether you’re going for an intimate event or a lavish, grand-scale affair, our experienced MICE events team can make it happen. Do you want a bedeken ceremony or even a ketubah? Not a problem. We can even arrange for kippahs to be available for any guests who haven’t brought their own.

The only limit really is your imagination.

As for the reception, dare to dream big! Stunning scenery, guaranteed good weather, sublime sunsets, crystal-clear azure waters and an unmistakable energy make the Myconian Collection your perfect choice. Their kitchen is certified kosher, and they cater to different dietary requirements so that all guests can enjoy the gourmet wonders they’ve prepared.

As well as a vast range of event spaces, Myconian Collection also offers a wide selection of rooms, suites and sumptuous villas ensuring that your guests not only have a great night but the chance to sleep in luxury, wake up to a rejuvenating breakfast and enjoy a plethora of amenities and the exemplary warm, professional service that they are famous for. From exchanging vows in a picturesque garden to barefoot ceremonies οn the sand, receptions on the beach, lavish dinners overlooking the sea, wine tastings, sunrise yoga sessions and diving, Myconian Collection makes it its mission to ensure your experience is unique.