Yvonne Bosnjak on the Perfect Myconian Dress

Exclusive interview with the up-and-coming Greek fashion designer.

Stella Lizardi

Yvonne Bosnjak talks about her beloved Mykonos retreat that, in a heavenly match of business in paradise, will also be exhibiting her personal line of clothing as of this season.

How did it all get started? When was the first time you discovered your passion?
The passion for fashion has accompanied me from a very young age. Through my modeling experience, wearing so many different styles over the years, I came to discover my own style. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to create my own collection, as I’ve worked hard to get where I am, even though I’m still at the very beginning…
Which are the key elements that define your brand?
My style revolves around simple principles, with the difference vested in the details. I strive to create pieces that one will still love to wear in the years to come. Clean, straight lines, airy comfortable pieces made from exclusive fabrics, flattering cuts that fit every body type… these are features that define my brand, along with such key elements as the seam details that are applied to almost all of our looks. We choose to selectively reveal or subtly cover parts of the body with sculptural elements that afford glimpses of the underlying curves – that’s also what makes our clothing so seductive without overtly flaunting too much skin.

Personally I’m not a fan of bright colours…

What item of clothing and what colour do you associate with Mykonos?
Personally I’m not a fan of bright colours… I imagine a sophisticated, discreetly sexy woman walking along the island’s alleys dressed in a white airy dress from the line we have created exclusively for Mykonos: Slightly more sensational, 100% silk pieces with Swarovski details and the best quality lace for chic nights out.
How would you describe your personal style?
It’s what you see in my collection. I like simple lines, accentuated by interesting details; those may be the seams, the fabric or the pattern. I like to feel comfortable, never underdressed or overdone.

In my eyes, Mykonos is the island of love.

If you only had to pack 10 things for a Mykonos getaway, which would those be?
For a small getaway, I wouldn’t even need 10 things… A swimsuit, a flowing dress or two, sandals and a good book.

Your dress code for a summer party?
Let it be white, white or white.

What’ s your personal relationship with the Myconian Villa Collection, where your brand is being displayed this season?
I’m very grateful to have as a friend Markos Daktylides; a person whom I appreciate and I have learned a lot from. Imagine how I felt when he proposed that I display my collection at the Myconian Villa Collection, one of the best hotels in Mykonos, where I also stay in the summer time when I want to relax completely, to enjoy the great food, the sunshine and the great service.
What does the island represent for you?
In my eyes, it’s the island of love.

I like to feel comfortable, never underdressed or overdone.

If you could do a catwalk show absolutely anywhere in the world, even the remotest place, where would that be?
I will tell you a short story of my first day in Greece. I was about 12 years old, in a cab driving through Athens, when I saw the old Olympic stadium. I felt this amazing energy run through me, and thought of what a dreamy fashion show I could stage there one day. But even if I could realise my dream, I don’t think I would have gone through with it out of respect for this magical place.
A song to listen to on a first trip to Mykonos?
Well, Mykonos has become my retreat where we relax with our friends and families. But each year around the end of July, the whole island dances to the rhythm of Antonis Remos’s summer concert! So the song that comes in my head mostly is “Den Teliosame” as it is a “date” that we renew each year.