Oceanida 2022 Celebrates Sailing in Athens Riviera

Sail it the traditional way with the Oceanida 2022 official regatta from 21-23 October in the Athenian Riviera.

A brilliant idea has become an educative festivity for traditional wooden sailboats and the Athenian Riviera’s legacy in seafaring. Imagine a celebrational “fleet” of wooden stocks floating on water, while guests can indulge into its craftmanship and participate in events and workshops.

For the third consecutive time, dedicated sailmen are taking the helm of the most beautiful yachts to race for the Oceanida 2022 on the 22nd of October in the coastal area of Faliriko bay. Guests will have the unique opportunity to get in touch with professionals in the field and admire up close the historical pieces.

Sailing is culture

The Oceanida 2022 regatta also infuses the cultural side of the race organizing a number of events and workshops for all ages. It invites artists and social organizations to support the race with their actions. A pop up “Village” is going to embrace a lot of different workshops about maritime issues and tradition at the Nautical Marina of the Municipality of Kallithea on the racing day from 14:00 – 18:00.

Younger guests and children can broaden their knowledge over environmental matters and also paint the walls of the Marina along with well-known artists and street artists, such as Cacao Rocks, Thomas Diotis, and Dafni Kostopoulou. The most athletic ones can take their first lesson in skateboard and surfing with renowned instructors in collaboration with the Greek Scouts.

In addition to that, Non-Profitable Organizations, such as DESMOS, BlueCycle, Greenpeace, WWF Greece, ARCHELON, The HOME Project, DAFNI Network and POLYGREEN will present the green side of energy and waste management.

The race is co-organized with the Attica Region and is under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism and the Hellenic Sailing Federation. Come onboard!

Oceanida 2022 Regatta, 21-23 October 2022, Nautical Marina of the Municipality of Kallithea