More Than Sushi, The Sushi Star of Τhe Aegean

Stunning sushi with a twist is made fresh in the culinary heaven at the Myconian Imperial’s Sishu sushi bar, providing flavoursome, light and very trendy meals.

Gorgeously fresh, perfectly prepared sushi is the order of the day at Sishu sushi bar, where top chef Meiwang Ke Steven conjures up irresistible dishes using local seafood delivered at daybreak exclusively for the restaurant. The delights on offer range from classic sushi staples to unique Greek-Japanese fusion creations and more.

I marry the Myconian and Japanese culinary cultures over their shared passion for fresh ingredients and subtle flavours.

Celebrate in style with a romantic dinner under the stars or treat yourself to a platter to explore the endless possibilities the stunning combination of freshly caught fish, glutinous rice and Asian ingredients can bring at the Myconian Imperial Resort in Elia.

Using impressive knife skills, chef Meiwang Ke Steven and his team slice fresh fish, prepare perfect rice and pick the most authentic ingredients to put together amazing sushi selections.

Despite living almost six thousand miles apart, the people of Greece and Japan have much in common. Both seafaring and sea-loving nations, they boast island archipelagos which they have been turning to for millennia for nourishment, recreation and inspiration every single day. Put simply, both Greeks and Japanese share a deep appreciation and respect for the water element – and indeed a love of seafood, which features prominently in both cuisines and is part of the popularity the epicurean traditions of both countries enjoy across the globe.